June 12, 2011

Champions Are Forever

I remember when I was in the 6th grade, I would walk the halls in my green Dallas Mavericks shirt at least once a week. Being in the Dallas area, this should not have been anything out of the ordinary. However, this was the Jordan era. The Bulls was in the middle of their first three-peat so everyone was rocking their Bulls gear. The Mavericks? They were everyone's least favorite team to cheer for and their most favorite to make fun of. In fact they were one step above he Washington Generals to most people.  So what was I doing in this shirt every week?

I easily could have joined the crowd, but I have always felt close to the Mavericks. They were the worst franchise in the league and quite frankly in pro sports in America for a long time. I would watch the games, season after season, hoping to see some glimpse of hope for the future. Well, tonight that hope was fulfilled when my Mavericks popped bottles to celebrate being the 2011 NBA CHAMPIONS!! I cannot fully explain what this feels like. This is a team that was given no chance to do anything this post-season, but through it all I believed. The Mavs could go on to win a thousand more championships, but I will always remember this one.