June 19, 2012

Shaking Writer's Block

At least once a week I sit down with my laptop with the full intention of doing some serious writing for this blog. And like most weeks, I sit and stare at the screen with nothing to write. I don't know when I reached the point where I was consistently having bouts with writer's block. This is certainly new to me.  When I was in college, it was well known that I could sit down and crank out a 10 page paper in a little over an hour. I guess joining the workforce has slowly dwindled my skills in that area. Actually, now that I think about it... I've barely written since I finished my Master's thesis back in 2007. That needs to change.

One of the things I have noticed since I've been working is how many people lack adequate writing skills. I know you might be thinking, "You are a software engineer. The only thing you need to know how to write is code." That is only partially true. There is so much documentation that you have to write as a software engineer, not including writing white papers, which are basically small research papers where you explain a formal opinion on a technology (I've actually never written one, but that should probably change). I can't tell you how many times I've had to read through poorly written documents where often the information is not clear and makes no sense.

Anyway, I'm rambling at this point. There is no rhyme or reason behind this post. I just had a strong urge to actually write for the sake of writing for the first time in a long time. Hopefully this is the beginning of me getting back in touch with my inner writer. :)