April 28, 2009

Death to the Skinny Jeans

There is a fashion phenomenon that has been spreading across the American male species this past year. The infiltration of the skinny jeans for men has brought men's fashion to an all new low. When did wearing jeans that are tighter than the ones worn by 8 out of 10 women you pass on the street become cool???

All guys have maybe worn a pair of jeans that fit a little more snug to impress a woman, but these jeans have gone to the extreme. I'm not even sure how you can even move in the things. I haven't seen jeans this tight since the Crowley High School Wrangler breakout of 1996 and those weren't even that bad. Besides everybody knows Wranglers give you that extra umph when skooting across the Billy Bob's dance floor or when bailing hay...

Anyways, the skinny jeans for men has been added to my list of things that must be stopped for the sake of civilization. It joins the fauxhawk, the brohawk, granny panties, the "I Love College" guy, and Robitussin.

April 15, 2009

Thoughts About Learning

Lately I have made the decision to convert my other blog, Black Dilbert, into something that I hope will be a nice resource for software developers and engineers in the beginning of their careers. With that decision I needed to come up with a concept for the material, which meant I was going to have to do some reading. I picked up the book, Code Complete, which is considered a standard issue for software engineers. I started working my way through it over the past week or so and I have been amazed.

I am surprised at how many things in the book I have already learned in my time in the work force. At the same time, there are some topics in this book that I have missed over the past few years. It just goes to show you that you have to be continuously learning as we go through life. I think that is why I picked my career. I can honestly say that each day that I have worked as a software engineer I have learned something new. That learning is what makes me strive to be the best engineer I know I can be. I am going to make my mark on the profession somehow and someday.

I know this may be a bit of a random post for this blog after all of the humor I have been posting as of late. I just felt like it was a thought that I wanted to share. It isn't the first and certainly won't be the last.

April 8, 2009

UTA Hoops Player Posterized Roy Williams

Apparently, Marquez Haynes played in some game this past weekend and dunked on Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams...

April 7, 2009

Best Commercial Ever

I was watching the NCAA championship game last night and saw this commercial. I think I laughed for 5 minutes!!

April 3, 2009

My Special Name Strikes Again

The wife and I are going to dinner tonight with some friends we met on our honeymoon so I called the restaurant to make reservations. The receptionist asked all the normal questions, such as the time and number in our party. Then she asked for a name for the reservation. I had a decision to give my full name (which evokes the Braveheart responses) or give the name everyone who knows me calls me. I chose to go with the full name and this is the response I got.

Receptionist: And the name?
Me: William Wallace
Receptionist: (long pause) Nuh uh!! Are you serious??
Me: Yep, I get it all the time.
Receptionist: (excited laughter) Well I need you to come in tonight with a blue-painted face and wearing a kilt.
Me: (laughing) Will do.

I couldn't help but laugh. I think it is funny that my name seems to bring so much joy and excitement to people. If you have seen me you would know I'm a 5' 9" African American male without a single resemblance to anyone Scottish (or Mel Gibson for that matter...), but people love to pepper me with all kinds of Braveheart questions. It doesn't really annoy me so I just play along. It amuses me more than anything. I wonder what people would do if my father and I were both there. They would just freak out to meet not one, but two William Wallaces. Haha!!

I think I just came up with a documentary for my talented brother-in-law. I should just go to Scotland and walk around introducing myself to people as William Wallace and watch their reactions. It could be a history/comedy type of thing. I know I'd watch it...