October 7, 2008

GMail Just Added a Life Saving Feature!!

I took a look at the GMail blog today and saw an interesting post. GMail has created a new add on feature called Mail Goggles. Basically it is a play on beer goggles. I'm sure many of us have sent an email in the middle of the night while we were "under the influence" of life and wished we had stopped ourselves. This is where Mail Goggles comes in to save the day. If Mail goggles is enabled it will automatically make you answer questions to make sure you are in the right state of mind before it will send the message. Don't worry, it won't make you do it for all emails, just ones sent late at night or during a period of time you configure.

This should be pretty interesting if people start using it. I can already see all the drunk college girls who will be giving testimonial quotes....

"I had been out partying all night and when I got home I began to feel lonely. I had the urge to email my stupid ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby, but Mail Goggles made me stop. I love Mail Goggles and I wouldn't use anything else." - Audrina

(Fans of The Hills will catch that...)

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