January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

If you are on Facebook, then you know this is running rampant on the site. Here is the list I posted.

  1. I like to dance, especially in my chair at work. I have been caught dropping it like it's hot in my chair at work on more than one occasion.
  2. I am a bit of a genetic freak in that I build muscle really easily. If only I had the discipline to go to the gym regularly.
  3. I had blood drawn from my arm for the first time ever in October and was paranoid about the whole thing.
  4. I am a stutterer. I do well most of the time, but if I get really excited or tired all bets are off.
  5. Deep down I really want to be a comedian. I have dreams of being the next Jamie Foxx if I could just get the courage to start taking the stage.
  6. If I could drink anything for the rest of my life it would be mango green tea.
  7. I met my wife when I was 17 and never looked back.
  8. I have become interested in photography and have been reading any photography books I can get my hands on.
  9. I went to Japan to play soccer against some of the high schools there when I was 16.
  10. I've seen every single episode of The Jamie Foxx Show.
  11. I have worn tight-ass Speedo shorts on two different vacation trips.
  12. I once showed up at my parents' house on Christmas Day dressed as Tyrone Biggums from Chappelle Show. You should have seen the look on my mother's face.
  13. I cried for about 30 minutes straight at my wedding...and then did it again when I witnessed UTA Basketball make it to the national tournament for the first time ever.
  14. I have been to a nude beach.
  15. When I was 7 years old I went to the Michael Jackson Bad tour concert. If I had known what I now know about old MJ back then I could have gotten backstage!!
  16. I had my baptism last November and it was the best decision I could have ever made.
  17. I have never lived in an apartment. I went straight from the dorms in college to my own house.
  18. Somewhere in my parents' house there is a VHS tape of me break dancing in the J.T. Stevens talent show.
  19. In the first grade, I was one of the favorites to win the spelling bee for my grade, but I got chicken pox two days before the bee and couldn't compete. (Still bitter...)
  20. Before last year, I had not visited Oklahoma in over 20 years... by choice...
  21. I like to watch the same movies over and over when they are playing on one of the DirecTV movie channels. (I've watched Juno over 15 times already on HBO..)
  22. I'm a big fan of the UT-Arlington Mavericks Men's basketball team. I followed them all the way down to Houston for their first ever conference championship.
  23. I won the Most Outstanding Computer Science & Engineering Master's Thesis at the 2008 UTA Engineering Awards Banquet.
  24. I met Steven from Real World Las Vegas in the Cabo airport. He was pretty cool, but he looked nervous that I was going to ask him some questions about his season because his wife was sitting right next to him.
  25. I'm going to be a father soon and I can't think of a better gift I could ever receive.

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