April 3, 2009

My Special Name Strikes Again

The wife and I are going to dinner tonight with some friends we met on our honeymoon so I called the restaurant to make reservations. The receptionist asked all the normal questions, such as the time and number in our party. Then she asked for a name for the reservation. I had a decision to give my full name (which evokes the Braveheart responses) or give the name everyone who knows me calls me. I chose to go with the full name and this is the response I got.

Receptionist: And the name?
Me: William Wallace
Receptionist: (long pause) Nuh uh!! Are you serious??
Me: Yep, I get it all the time.
Receptionist: (excited laughter) Well I need you to come in tonight with a blue-painted face and wearing a kilt.
Me: (laughing) Will do.

I couldn't help but laugh. I think it is funny that my name seems to bring so much joy and excitement to people. If you have seen me you would know I'm a 5' 9" African American male without a single resemblance to anyone Scottish (or Mel Gibson for that matter...), but people love to pepper me with all kinds of Braveheart questions. It doesn't really annoy me so I just play along. It amuses me more than anything. I wonder what people would do if my father and I were both there. They would just freak out to meet not one, but two William Wallaces. Haha!!

I think I just came up with a documentary for my talented brother-in-law. I should just go to Scotland and walk around introducing myself to people as William Wallace and watch their reactions. It could be a history/comedy type of thing. I know I'd watch it...

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