May 26, 2009

World Class Computer Science Courses for FREE!!!

For those of you who do not know, MIT and Stanford both offer free computer science courses. they are comprised from courses in previous semesters and in some cases the current semesters. They cover many topics and provide you to get some world class education at the price of $0.00. Can't beat that... Just try the links below.

MIT Computer Science Courses

Stanford Engineering Everywhere

Stanford on iTunesU

If there is enough feedback, I would be very much open to starting an online study group to go through some of the contents in particular classes.

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Super Science Fair Projects said...

Free computer classes and online science classes are a great way to pick up new skills. For science students these classes can teach them how to use a computer to conduct research, collect data and to analyze their data. Thanks for pointing out the links to the free classes, I will definitely be looking at what these schools have to offer.