July 8, 2009

US Soccer Signing History Is Made

Earlier today it was announced that Oguchi Onyewu, a central defender for the US Men's soccer team, signed with A.C. Milan in the Italian Serie A. This is by far the biggest team signing of an American soccer player in history. A.C. Milan is the most storied football (soccer) club in Italy and is the same team that David Beckham played with over the winter. Onyewu is the first American to play in the Serie A since Alexi Lalas played their after the 1994 World Cup.

This signing further proves that the respect of the American player is growing. No longer are US soccer players seen as just being athletic, but are now being seen as players who can contribute technically and tactically to a quality team. Congrats to Onyewu and I can't wait to watch him suit up with Seedorf and Ronaldihno this fall on Fox Soccer Channel.

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