August 13, 2010


Ever since we found out we were pregnant with my son back in 2008 my weight has been on a roller coaster. When Mrs. Braveheart would take a few bites of her meal and then look at it with disgust I took it upon myself to be the closer. On more than one occasion I had two meals in one sitting. Well that new "job" put about 20 pounds of extra weight on my frame pretty quickly so I stopped. Since then I have not had the discipline or motivation to get the weight off and keep it off.

The past few weeks have been spent running around Disney World and celebrating 3.0's first birthday. Of course this means I have been eating all sorts of crap that I didn't need. Somehow in my mind I envisioned all of the running around balancing out the food. A trip to the scale this AM pretty much destroyed that theory. I not only gained back what little weight I had lost, but picked up a little extra. So today I am determined to make a change and get rid of my little friends hanging out around my waist. Wish me luck!!