July 16, 2008

A Witness to Nature

So today on the way home I saw something that literally made me almost stop my car and stare. I had never seen anything like this in person and it was something you wouldn't even think of unless you saw it. I still think it is pretty funny that I saw it.

Folks, today when I was two blocks from my house I saw two cats doing it on a front lawn... HAHAHAHA!!!

What's even funnier is that originally I thought it was a loose dog in the yard so I slowed down the car to prepare for the usual thing that happens in that scenario where the dog sprints across the street as you pass by. But when the "dog" didn't move, I looked closer and realized there was no dog and it was instead two cats going half on a baby.

So now I can add this sight to my list of animals I have seen mating in person. It goes right after the monkey orgy I witnessed in the Nagaoka, Japan zoo.

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