August 20, 2008

Listerine Kills More than Germs!!

So last night I noticed my crown on the lower left side of my mouth started to feel a little loose, which has happened before, so I called and left a message for the dentist so I could come in and get it checked out. I just assumed that the cement on the crown had worn and that they would have to re-cement it. Boy was I wrong...

Today at work I sat down my desk at lunch time and was tearing through my Bowl of Seoul from Genghis Grill (delicious by the way!!)and was just enjoying myself. After I finished I realized that my breath was probably pretty rank and that I should probably run some mouthwash through there so when I talked to people they wouldn't turn away in disgust. So I pull out my travel bottle of Listerine and start swishing away. Just as I was about to get ready to spit out the Listerine I felt my crown come all the way off. So I kind of freaked out a little and spit out my mouthwash so I could take a look at my crown. So I look at the crown and see that it's not just that, it's also about 2/3 of my tooth with it!!! I freaked out even more and pretty much ran to my dentist and an hour later I had a prescription for antibiotics and and infected tooth that will be fully removed next week. :-(

The moral of the story?? Kids, always brush and floss two times a day!!

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