April 28, 2009

Death to the Skinny Jeans

There is a fashion phenomenon that has been spreading across the American male species this past year. The infiltration of the skinny jeans for men has brought men's fashion to an all new low. When did wearing jeans that are tighter than the ones worn by 8 out of 10 women you pass on the street become cool???

All guys have maybe worn a pair of jeans that fit a little more snug to impress a woman, but these jeans have gone to the extreme. I'm not even sure how you can even move in the things. I haven't seen jeans this tight since the Crowley High School Wrangler breakout of 1996 and those weren't even that bad. Besides everybody knows Wranglers give you that extra umph when skooting across the Billy Bob's dance floor or when bailing hay...

Anyways, the skinny jeans for men has been added to my list of things that must be stopped for the sake of civilization. It joins the fauxhawk, the brohawk, granny panties, the "I Love College" guy, and Robitussin.

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