June 25, 2009

Never Can Say Goodbye...

If you go to my family home and search through the video cabinet you will find a video from the 1988 J.T. Stevens Talent Show. In that show, you will see a 7-year-old version of myself break dancing and moonwalking across a stage to Michael Jackson's Bad. I still remember that like it was yesterday. My two friends (who I will not name, haha) and I worked that stage that night and just had a good time. That is what I remember when I think of Michael Jackson.

When I was a kid, MJ wasn't a celebrity...he was music to me. I played and sang his music all the time. My brother and I would dance around the kitchen trying to emulate his moonwalk and nobody could do the crotch grab better than my brother (we have videos to prove it,haha). I even convinced my mom to take me to see the Bad tour at Reunion Arena, which is to date the most exciting performance I have ever seen in my life. It alsoturned out to be one of the greatest memories I have of my Granny, but that is a story for another day.

I know many people will look at Michael Jackson and see him as the person who had to deal with all the legal troubles in recent years, but that is not what I will see. MJ is somebody that took the music industry to the next level. Nobody sold records like he did and he pretty much set MTV on the path that made it the successful network it is today which paved the path for other networks. He turned concerts into true shows and Moonwalker is still my favorite music movie of all time.

Michael Jackson will be missed and will never be matched. I would like to personally thank him for providing me with joy and entertainment in many times of my life. You may be gone, but your music will live on for time to come.

Michael Jackson, August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009
Rest in peace....

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Anonymous said...

Granny loved to talk about that concert experience. That was a great night. Adam could not attend due to our fear of smoke.
Remember, I have a photo of you taken that night with MJ (cardboard version).