July 1, 2009

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Steals a Hose

Today I walked outside to find my water hose and reel missing from my yard. I know where it always is, but I thought for some reason that I had possibly moved it to a different location. But I was wrong, someone decided to take it. I'd like to imagine that one of my neighbors just borrowed it, but really, who borrows a water hose.

It's a sad day when someone steals a water hose. Perhaps someone needed the hose to deliver water to small malnourished children as they eat their huge bowl of white rice mush. Maybe they needed my hose to help put out a small fire... Or maybe, they just wanted my hose because they were too lazy to buy their own.

All I know is hat now I have no place to store a hose outside so I will have go and purchase a new reel and find my spare hose in my dirty garage. So thank you hose thief for giving me the opportunity to update my hose reel collection. If I only knew my old hose and reel where so valuable I could have sold them on eBay...

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