July 12, 2010

The Cup Runneth Over

Well World Cup 2010 has come to an end in South Africa. Spain defied their underachiever past to finally break through and lift the cup. I am happy for them and I have to admit I enjoyed seeing Casillas lift the cup over his head to a backdrop of confetti and cheering teammates. That is my favorite moment in sports and is well worth the 4 year wait each time.

Overall, I think the cup was a success. South Africa played the perfect host and ran the event smoothly with no major problems. They showed the African continent is more than capable of putting on the world’s biggest event. However, I am very disappointed in the teams of my African brothers I think all of the African teams underachieved. Even Ghana, the only African team in the knockout rounds underachieved (we all know that they have only themselves to blame for not playing in the final weekend). I fully expect them to rebound and show much better in the next World Cup in Brazil (I would complain about Brazil, but that would be a post in itself and I don’t have the time lol). Mark my words, in 2014 the African and North American teams will make plenty of noise.

What were your final thoughts on the World Cup? Who are your favorites for the next cup in Brazil?

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